Smile, and

it will serve me a relic,

for, I know, the

tougher days are arriving

riding on the darker wings.


Smile, and

I’ll seek hope

where none is to be found.

And light

where sun never shines.


Smile, and

I’ll cherish it

amid the buzz of ambience,

in my solitude.

I’ll treasure it in

the recess of my broken heart.


Smile, and 

I’ll seek recuperation

from it.


Smile, if

I make you, or

if I deserve one.



Let me write a
poem, so that my name
is inked with those
whom resistance won’t forget.

Let me put a dot,
then begin with
a sigh, or

Let me tell the world
That my heart feels
ineffable, and
these words are everyone’s
from hearts full of scars.

Let me write no more.
Subjugation has gone
beyond poetry, while
the resistance is

Let me put a dot for
an end.

                                               Hilal Ashraf

Only my heart knows
You have that manner which
Rest, the world is profligate.



Half widow’s pain in separation


In your long quest I am tired,
To where did you fly, my beloved?
I’ve gone to woods and every place hired,
Come back to me now, beloved!

Wherever you are, you look at me,
At my torn clothes and consumed youth.
I even seeked for your silhouette;
Please come to me now, beloved!


To where should I look at, then cry?
You left no picture, no grave.
I only have smoke of reminiscences. Try,
And meet me in dreams, beloved!

With all unfulfilled desires- unwise,
I am dying with unendurable pain.
Even if you are at the gate of paradise,
Cast on me one glance, beloved!

                                              ~ Hilal Ashraf ~


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